Kellyanne Stitts anchors the sports for Columbus' ABC6 News. (WSYX/Screengrab)

Ohio Sports Anchor Goes Viral Thanks To Sensual Name

Ohio TV sports reporter and anchor Kellyanne Stitts has had her name for her entire life. But it's only recently that it made her famous.

Welcome to the world of social media where, like it or not, it seems everyone has a chance to be famous.

So how did Kellyanne Stitts gain traction? Well, just try sounding out her full name fast and you'll figure it out.

Stitts hails from the Cleveland area and has been in broadcasting for some time now. She is currently a Sports MMJ/Anchor at ABC6 WSYX-TV. She already had a decent following due to her coverage of Ohio State and other area sports.

Kellyanne Stitts

Kellyanne Stitts is a sports reporter for a Columbus TV station. (ABC6/Kellyanne Stitts Instagram)

Long ago, people pointed out her name — and then moved along.

But the Internet seemingly never got ahold of it until now. And when that happens, well, you're launched into another stratosphere, as poor Kellaynne has now discovered like so many others before her.


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According to her ABC6 bio:

"Kellyanne continued her career covering University of Tennessee athletics for 2.5 years, during which time she covered a coaching search, a College World Series and the Lady Vols Sweet 16 run, and also interviewed numerous sports figures including Peyton Manning. The 2022 college football season allowed Kellyanne to cover two of the top two college football programs in the nation.

"If she is not covering sports or spending time with family and friends, she is attending a game as a fan. Kellyanne is also a proud mother of two cats and a Dalmatian mix named Deebo."

That's right, fellas. It appears as if she is single (or at least not married). That means there is still time to help her change that last name. Or maybe her future husband can take the last name and get those 15 minutes of fame for himself.


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