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Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann Hits World Pickleball Convention

Just because you carry a racquet doesn't mean you are limited to just tennis. Apparently, tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann recognizes that.

Stuhlmann has taken her game to pickleball — or more specifically, the World Pickleball Convention in Las Vegas this week. It's the first convention of its kind, and without a doubt, Stuhlmann is sure to bring in eyeballs.

Stuhlmann announced that she would be attending on her wildly popular Instagram page.

"I'm thrilled to be heading to the World Pickleball Convention next week in Vegas!" she wrote. "I can't wait to keep diving deeper into this rapidly growing sport and see all the different innovative pickleball businesses and fellow enthusiasts. I'm super pumped for the workshops, demonstrations, and instructional sessions. I'm also especially looking forward to watching the Expo and the pro & amateur tournaments. It's so fun to witness how much this sport has evolved since its inception!"

Stuhlmann has become particularly popular with the French Open going on this week, with the search term "tennis influencer" always getting a rise during the sport's major events.

Well, do that search and Stuhlmann's name is the first that comes up. She said that tennis — and fashion — have always been important to her. So she's combined the two.

Rachel Stuhlmann, Tennis

(Rachel Stuhlmann/Instagram)

"Since I was young, tennis fashion has held a cherished spot in my heart," she wrote on her website. "Growing up, I'd spend hours sketching designs for tennis skirts, tops, and dresses, envisioning myself on the court in each creation. The graceful elegance of Maria Sharapova and the bold fierceness of Serena Williams served as constant inspirations, prompting me to consistently include "Nike Court tennis dress" on my birthday and Christmas wish lists."