A crappy moment couldn’t stop this world record holder from finishing at the Olympics AP Photo/Michel Spingler/File

A French Olympian showed the true spirit of the games Friday. World record holder Yohann Diniz was hit with a bout of the stomach bug, but carried on with the race anyway.

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The racewalker lost control of his bowels and soiled himself, but he kept going. He had the lead during the grueling four-hour walk, but things took a turn and he collapsed twice during the 50km walk (31 miles).

A camera caught something running down his legs during the race, but despite the not-so-pleasant moment, he managed to finish. Canada?s Evan Dunfee stopped to help Diniz collect himself.

Diniz finished in eighth place. Slovakia?s Matej Tóth took the gold.

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Despite the unfortunate finish, Twitter was full of support for Diniz.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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