A day after her daughter passed away, the legendary Debbie Reynolds has died


Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, mother of the late Carrie Fisher who passed away on Dec. 27, died Wednesday evening.

Reynolds was at her son, Todd Fisher's home in Beverly Hills on Wednesday discussing funeral plans for her daughter when she was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a possible stroke, according to TMZ.

According to TMZ, Todd Fisher reported her passing.

TMZ reported that Reynolds was taken to the hospital shortly after 1 p.m. after someone inside the home called 911, just a day after Carrie's passing.


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On Tuesday, Reynolds posted a heartfelt message on her official Facebook page thanking her daughter's fans hours after her passing.

"Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter," she wrote.

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"I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother."

Reynolds became a Hollywood star in the 1950s and it was the 1952 film "Singin' in the Rain" that launched her into stardom. Reynolds also appeared in "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis," "Bundle of Joy," "The Singing Nun," "Tammy and the Bachelor," "The Catered Affair," "What's the Matter with Helen?" "Mother" and a long list of other well-known films.

Reynolds appeared in many roles on Broadway, making her debut in 1972 in the revival of "Irene." She also had her on own TV show in 1969, "The Debbie Reynolds Show."

In 2015, the actress suffered a stroke.


"It's a lot of times terrifying, but watching my mother, who's incredibly resilient, coping with certain health issues that she's had," Carrie Fisher told PEOPLE this May, talking about Reynolds' documentary, "Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds." Fisher added, "We were really lucky we got really what probably could be her last [big project]."

She married Eddie Fisher in 1955 and divorced three years later. Reynolds remarried two more times, and divorced both men.

Debbie Reynolds was 84 years old.