Colin Cowherd says no one wants to work at ESPN for a reason that has nothing to do with sports NY Post via Twitter

Colin Cowherd has never been shy about expressing his opinion on – anything. The former ESPN and now Fox Sports 1 pontificator launched into the hottest of hot takes over the weekend when he said the self-proclaimed world-wider leader is losing talent because of …

Bristol, Connecticut, the home of ESPN.

The New York Post quoted Cowherd as saying:

“[Keith] Olbermann didn’t want to live there. [Bill] Simmons didn’t want to live there. You didn’t want to live there. I didn’t want to live there,” Cowherd said. “The seven bosses that worked for us at FOX didn’t want to live there. It has become a huge unspoken disadvantage. … Anybody we want, we get. Why? They don’t want to live there.”

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ESPN has lost a host of talent over the last few years and recent reports say more cuts are on the way.

Bristol, with a population of about 60,000  is 20 miles southwest of Hartford and about a two-hour drive northeast of New York City.

While this may be a really hot take, it’s not a new one. Olbermann called Bristol the center of hell. Broadcaster Sal Marchiano was fired after he said, no the air: “Happiness is Bristol on my rear-view mirror.

The difference now – if you don’t like Bristol, there are lots of other opportunities.

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