Fabricio Werdum nearly fought a cornerman and had his contest stopped illegally in the strangest fight ever

What a wild fight.

Fabricio Werdum's bout against Travis Browne was easily the strangest fight we've ever seen.

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At UFC 203, Werdum's heavyweight tilt versus Browne was the co-main event, but clearly took the backseat to CM Punk's debut and Stipe Miocic's title defense against Alistair Overeem. But Werdum started the fight with fireworks, tossing a jumping side kick and hitting Browne directly on target.

He later connected on an overhand right that seemingly broke Browne's finger. UFC officials typically can call timeouts for low blows or eye pokes, not injured fingers. And that's exactly what happened, as Browne complained to the official and he actually listened, momentarily halting the contest.

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As for the rest of the fight, it was a relatively slow contest that ended with Werdum earning the decision victory. Before he could get his hand raised, though, he made a crying motion to the Cleveland fans who were already booing after a relatively snoozefest of a fight.

That's when one of Browne's coaches said something to Werdum and the Brazilian threw a chest kick at the coach. The two camps squared off, and the official eventually settled the tense situation and was able to get the fighters out of the Octagon unscathed.