One of the biggest and longest tenured wrestlers in WWE announces that he will likely retire after WrestleMania 33 next April in Orlando.

The Big Show has been a fixture in pro wrestling since 1995, where he debuted as “The Giant” in WCW, winning the World Heavyweight Championship in his first match. 21 years later, it looks like “7-foot tall, 500-pound” giant is setting up for his final run with WWE, as he announced on 790 The Ticket that this would be his “last year” in wrestling.

“I’ve got that big match coming up with Shaq,” Big Show said when talking about his recent training regimen. “So I’m looking forward to making my last year… try to go out athletically again with a bang.”

Big Show said that he has been training vigorously for the match with Shaq, and that he has lost 30 pounds in training over the past few months. He hopes to lose about 30 more pounds before the match, which would get him down to a lean 400 pounds. Not bad for a dude who said he was up over 530 pounds not that long ago.

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Big Show, 44, has been a one-of-a-kind figure in pro-wrestling over the past 20 years thanks to his size. He has won pretty much every title imaginable, including the WWE Championship on two separate occasions. He also won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and he WWE version of the World Heavyweight Championship twice each.

If this is really it for Big Show, then he’s had a heck of a career that has taken plenty of twists and turns along the way. Hopefully all of his training isn’t for naught, and he can go out with the bang that he hopes the Shaq WrestleMania match can be.

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