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For the two days, the prosecution’s star witness in the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial has provided detailed testimony about the night two Boston men were killed and how Hernandez pulled the trigger. He’s also told the jury that Hernandez shot him in the face in an effort to silence him because he knew too much about the shooting.

But on Wednesday, Hernandez’s lawyer took his turn at questioning Alexander Bailey, the star witness, and he hammered home the most dramatic point in the trial so far:

He was able to raise doubts about whether Bailey told the truth in one key instance.

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The state has given Bailey – a convicted drug dealer serving time – immunity so he could testify against Hernandez. But as part of a plea deal in his own criminal case, Yahoo Sports reported he had to turn over his cell phone that contained all of his messages. In it, there was one asking whether he could be face perjury charges.

“Now u sure once I withdraw this lawsuit I wont be held on perjury after I tell the truth about me not recalling anything about who shot me,” Bradley wrote to attorney Robert Pickering.

Hernandez’s attorney, Jose Baez, pounced on that, and said it’s more likely Bailey was shot by rival drug dealers.

Bailey has said, on the stand, that he didn’t cooperate because he wanted to “take Mr. Hernandez’s life.”

Hernandez, 27 and already serving life for one murder, is on trial and charged with killing two men, Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, in a drive-by shooting following an incident a Boston nightclub in 2012. Bradley says he was with Hernandez that fateful night.


WBZ-TV in Boston reported that Bailey is expected to wrap up his testimony today. The trial is expected to go another three weeks.

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