Jon Gruden straight up asked Joshua Dobbs why he's playing football


Well this is a bit awkward.

Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs was on Jon Gruden's QB Camp on Thursday, and according to 247Sports, Gruden had an interesting question for Dobbs:

Why is he going for an NFL career anyways?

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Dobbs, of course, was an aerospace engineering student at Tennessee, and Gruden was asking from the perspective of why Dobbs wasn't pursuing a career in that area over the NFL. Dobbs is currently projected as a late-round draft pick -- at best -- and it's unknown if he will ever get a chance to play in the NFL.

Here was Dobbs' response: (via 247)

"That's cool and I love (it), but I also love football," Dobbs said. "I've played since I was 5 and can't imagine not playing it. I couldn't imagine myself not playing football. I was offered to play baseball at Tennessee as well and chose football. I'm excited about the next level because that's what I've dreamed about."

It's not a bad choice for Dobbs to at least try for the NFL since he's gotten this far. He may not ever make it as a starter, but if he can collect some paychecks as a backup for a year or two? Absolutely worth it.