Let’s watch this little guy defy gravity and throw down a rim rattling dunk Twitter Screen Shot

Dunks in basketball are always exciting. It’s even more so when a little guy does it.

Check out Derek Harper, a guard listed at 5-foot-11 for Clark Atlanta University, a small historically black college in Atlanta. Now, I say “listed at” because basketball heights are often exaggerated one way  or the other. J.J. Barea, the Dallas Mavericks guard, is listed at 6-feet tall but is actually 5’10 in his stocking feet. Charles Barkley was listed at 6’6 in his playing days but is actually closer to 6’4.

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So, Harper could be — who knows, and who cares, when you have hops like this:

That is truly awesome, but watch it again and this time pay attention to the reaction of his teammate, Tajai Johnson, who wears No. 32 and is in the top left corner of the frame.  The dunk was so good it made him pass out (well, he was playing, but hey, what fun).

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