Nunes and Rousey both weigh in at 135 pounds, but Rousey looks mean and shredded


It's almost here.

On Thursday, the champion, Amanda Nunes, and the challenger and former champ, Ronda Rousey, each weighed in at the bantamweight limit of 135 pounds for the UFC championship match. And while Nunes is the champ, the talk has been about how absolutely shredded Rousey looks as she gets ready for her fight in more  than a year, since her beating at the hands of Holly Holm.

I mean, good god, she weighs the same but it looks like she's nothing but rock hard muscle, And given her aversion to any sort of photo re-touching, I'm inclined to believe that's all her.


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Now, being in great shape isn't a precursor to a win in any sport. When the great heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali, came out of retirement in 1978 to fight Larry Holmes, he entered the ring at 217 pounds and in better shape than he's been in years. And he lost via an 10th round TKO to Larry Holmes, the younger champion (Ali was 38 and Holmes, 31).

Nunes may be the champ, but the story is all Rousey. We'll see what she has when they fight Friday night.