This high school is under fire after banning the American flag from a football game

What a disaster this situation is.

A high school in South Carolina is under fire after denying entrance to a football game for students carrying American flags.

Hunter Ballew shared a photo to Facebook where he claims he picked his brother up from a Travelers Rest High School game after "a couple young men" were denied entry by school principal Lou Lavely as they were carrying an American flag.

According to the opposing team's school principal, via Greenville Online (H/T CBS), the flag was being used to "taunt" opposing students, leading to confrontations.

"I am in full support of Mr. Lavely's actions at the football game on Friday night. He was protecting the greatest symbol of our nation, the American Flag. His decision was based on the premise that the American flag should not be used in a disrespectful or unsportsmanlike like manner. He made the right decision", Noel said in an email statement from the school district.

"Mr. Lavely should be celebrated for his dedication to supporting our veterans and encouraging student to love and respect our great nation", according to the statement. "We educate our students on how to display good sportsmanship and to show respect to our opponents. Both teams played hard and should be celebrated for their efforts on the field.  Both schools and communities need to embrace the spirit of competition in a positive manner, and show respect for each other's achievements."

Lavely clarified that there is no ban on the American flag, and this situation was circumstantial. Lavely added that, "using the American flag to display disrespect and unsportsmanlike behavior is in itself improper and disrespectful to our flag."

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