Angel Reese, WNBA

Angel Reese Postgame Interview Interrupted By 'Big Bang Theory' On Hot Mic

No less than Sheldon Cooper interrupted Angel Reese in her postgame interview after the Chicago Sky lost to the Seattle Storm.

If you don't know Cooper ... well, just know he is a character on the once wildly popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. It actually remains a hit in syndication.

Anyway, the scene unfolded like this, as written by Mark Harris of Outkick:

"During the team's postgame interview, one reporter began asking a question before quickly being cut off by another reporter's unmuted mic. Instead of paying attention to the postgame interview taking place, the reporter was catching up on some Big Bang episodes.

"The timing was immaculate, too, as the audio that just so happened to be shared was Cooper talking about having an "intimate relationship." Cooper is heard saying 'Oh my, that's an uncomfortable topic' to which Sky coach Terese Weatherspoon hilariously lets out an audible 'ooh' before Reese says 'Excuse me.'"

"Reese saying "ooooh, they about to get fired" at the 30-second mark of the video adds another hilarious layer to the moment."

Word to the wise: Cut your mics when you're on the job. Or don't watch a TV show. Or learn how to operate a laptop.

Or if you're so bored that you have to watch sitcoms while covering the WNBA, maybe you need to look for a new gig. But for this reporter, the decision may have already been made.

Granted, it's not a big deal, but it was the Big Bang, and it can wait until after the press conference, right? Right.