Draymond Green celebrates a big play during a Warriors game.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Draymond Green: Fever Need To Land 'Enforcer' To Protect Caitlin Clark

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green knows all about being a tough guy to opponents. Just ask Rudy Gobert. Or Jusuf Nurkic. Or anyone else Green has blasted with his physical — and sometimes over-the-top — play.

By now, you know all about the situation involving Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark. She was shoulder-checked from behind by Chicago Sky guard Chennedy Carter, a WNBA no-name until the incident.

But the only person to respond was Sky forward and Clark nemesis Angel Reese, who celebrated Carter's vicious and uncalled-for act.

Like almost everyone else, Green has an opinion on the matter.

"Indiana better go invest in an enforcer... FAST!" Green wrote in the comments section underneath an ESPNW social media post.


Of course, Carter felt the need to respond.

"we grown asf & y'all talking about enforcer man gtfoh , hoop or shut up," Carter wrote on X.

Granted, she didn't call out Green by name — but there's no doubt that's who she was referring to.

Sadly for Carter, Green wasn't alone. Carter was blasted by just about every big basketball name. After all, Clark has done nothing but play hard and carry the league to unforeseen levels of popularity.

That has led to unforeseen levels of pettiness and jealousy.

Former NBA forward Matt Barnes echoed Green's thoughts on Indiana's need for an enforcer.

"My issue and my question is, Where the f-k are her teammates at? Where y'all at? Where are the rest of the Indiana Fever at?" Barnes asked in an Instagram video.

"I've seen a couple of girls smirk when she's got knocked down, half-ass to pick her up. Like, y'all supposed to protect the asset, protect the star. And although this is a team, you always protect your star. I was someone who protected the stars. You f-k with Kobe, [Chris Paul], Blake [Griffin], the list goes on, it's going to be a problem."

So yeah, maybe Green and the rest are on to something.