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It’s never too early to start making bowl projections.

Former ESPN college football reporter and analyst Brett McMurphy shared his postseason predictions on Thursday via Facebook, as he does weekly throughout the season.

This week, McMurphy has taken Auburn and Ohio State out of the playoff field and inserted Alabama and Clemson back in. He also has the Big Ten excluded from the CFP as a whole.

Here’s how McMurphy sees the CFP playing out as of now:

College Football Playoff
Jan. 8
Championship-Clemson vs. Washington

Jan. 1
Rose-Clemson (No. 2) vs. Oklahoma State (No. 3)
Sugar-Alabama (No. 1) vs. Washington (No. 4)

After Auburn and Ohio State lost last week, McMurphy would have been hard pressed to keep them in his predictions. However, calling for the 4-seed Huskies to beat Alabama is a pretty gutsy move. To also keep out Oklahoma after a stellar performance against Ohio State is pretty crazy.

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