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The New York Jets went from a playoff contender in 2015 to a disappointing 5-11 season in 2016, and running back Matt Forte had a simple explanation as to why the team regressed.

According to, Forte said the Jets had chemistry issues, and he said the group never played together as a team.

“There’s a difference between playing next to somebody and playing for them,” Forte said. “We were at practice and I was like, ‘Guys, everybody is out here as an individual and we’re just playing next to the guy. Do you really know that guy?’ If I’m playing next to you instead of for you, I don’t really trust you.”

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Forte averaged 3.7 yards per carry last season, which was the lowest of his career. He made two Pro Bowls during his eight seasons with the Chicago Bears, but his first season as a Jet wasn’t nearly as productive.

While most would contribute the Jets’ lack of success to mediocre play from the quarterback position, it appears as if their woes stem from much larger issues.

The team has had meetings in the offseason to help clean up some of its chemistry issues. As Todd Bowles enters his third season as head coach, he will undoubtedly be on the hot seat after the team’s regression last year. If chemistry issues persist, Bowles might not make it to a fourth season with the franchise.

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