Dick Vitale Dumps Liquid on Himself in Hilarious New Commercial
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Dick Vitale is a national treasure in the game of college basketball. March Madness and the NCAA Tournament just wouldn’t be the same without Dickie V’s commentary as an ESPN sports commentator.

The 81-year-old New Jersey native and former NBA head coach who’s known for catchphrases like “this is awesome, baby!” and “diaper dandy” (the latter of which describes a star freshman) seems like he’s always having a blast when he calls games.

Heck, he may even be having more fun than the players on the court.

Vitale has been with ESPN since 1979, which means he’s been doing what he loves for more than 40 years. Unsurprisingly, he’s starred in plenty movies, shows and commercials.

Dickie V may be climbing up the age ladder, but he’s still pep in his sep if his latest hilarious new GEICO commercial is any indication.

Dick Vitale GEICO Commercial

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Vitale is auditioning for GEICO Claims, and he just can’t seem to understand exactly what it is he’s auditioning for.

“Tonight’s matchup: me versus an ugly fender bender. If I can eek out a win, it’s gonna be a miracle, baby!” he says in the video titled “GEICO Claims Audition: Dick Vitale.”

Vitale is corrected by the woman from GEICO, who tells him not to fear because the car insurance company has a team that will work with him.

Finally, we’re gifted with the image of Vitale dunking a cooler of liquid (let’s hope that’s yellow Gatorade) on his head while saying “GEICO is awesome, baby!”

“Too much?” he then says.

No, Dickie V. Nothing you do is ever too much.

According to Looper, GEICO enlisted the help of Michole Briana White, Chris Aquilino and Michael Strassner for this commercial alongside the famous basketball announcer. They play casting directors Kari and Evan and Kevin the camera operator.


White has appeared in TV shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Family Matters.” Aquilino has had roles in “Jane the Virgin” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Strassner has appeared on “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family,” per Looper.

Screw GEICO’s “Whoomp! (There It Is)” Super Bowl commercial featuring Tag Team or anything the famous GEICO Gecko has ever done. This Dick Vitale commercial is already one of the best they’ve done.

It may have a ways to go to become Vitale’s best commercial, though:


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