After trying to weasel out of FBI question, reporter put Coach Calipari in his place


Kentucky coach John Calipari more often than not gets to control the narrative of each of his seasons because he generally ignores questions he doesn't like and answers the ones he wants to. However, Jerry Tipton from Kentucky.com, didn't let him off easy as he had a question about the FBI probe that has been a huge scandal in college basketball.

Calipari tried to shut down any more questions about the topic, but Tipton was on to of it and checked Calipari. Here's the video via Clay Abernathy from Kentucky Sports Television:

Tipton hit Calipari with an incredible quote that was mentioned in the tweet above. Tipton got his answer and it was just Calipari brushing it aside by saying he has no comment on the matter of the FBI probe. But this is a nice reminder for journalists to make sure they get their questions in and not let a coach completely control the narrative.