LaVar Ball has shown that he does whatever he wants as a coach no matter how detrimental to the team it is. He’s ripped his own son’s lackadaisical defense, took apart his AAU team in the same postgame speech and has now forfeited a game because of refs. Ball got a technical during a game Saturday at the Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament and apparently hated the officiating so much he pulled his team off the court.

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In a bizarre scene, Ball not only pulled his team off the court, but did so while they were winning 69-60. He was upset about a foul call as he repeatedly said that it wasn’t a foul, used a curse word to describe it and then questioned’s the referee’s manhood. Here’s the video of the incident:

Ball was still upset after he left the gym and said that he wasn’t going to have his guys playing hard while the other team was cheating. He wasn’t so distraught that he couldn’t take a picture with a fan though as that was also caught on camera:

[h/t USA Today High School Sports]

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