The Cavinder Twins have been college basketball superstars on and off the court. But, Hanna and Haley are calling it a career.
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The Cavinder Twins Call It a College Basketball Career, Forgo Fifth Year of Eligibility

While some women's college basketball players heard their names called during the WNBA Draft or have announced their intentions to go after a national title in 2024, the Cavinder twins — Miami's dynamic duo on and off the court — have decided to call it a career.

After leading the Hurricanes to the Elite Eight last month, Haley and Hanna Cavinder announced on social media Tuesday that they have decided to forgo their fifth year of eligibility in favor of a "new chapter."

Cavinder Twins Opt-Out of Fifth Year

The Cavinder Twins show off their Miami Hurricanes uniforms on media day

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"Thank you for an unforgettable season," Haley wrote in a post on her Instagram account. "The love and support we received from the university and the city was special. We would like to thank our teammates and coaches for bringing us in as family and being a part of a historic season. "

"Hanna and I have decided to not take our fifth year and start a new chapter n our lives. The U will always be home and we are forever proud to be Hurricanes."

The TikTok stars signed off the post by adding, "What started as us playing basketball 16 years ago, turned into something bigger than we could ever imagine."

Hanna and Haley Cavinder's college basketball careers began at Fresno State. But the name/image/likeness era allowed them to rise to fame and capitalize on their success, with their first deal coming from Boost Mobile in 2021. The twins took their skills and social media followings to Florida, joining the Miami Hurricanes. One deep NCAA Tournament run last month appears to have been enough for the college athletics superstars. While many thought the twins would stick around to see if they could knock LSU off the throne next year, we will now wait to see what comes next for the dynamic duo.

Whatever comes next, we're sure the Cavinder twins will surprise all of us with how high they can fly.

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