LA Tech's 3rd-and-93
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3rd-and-93: The Ugliest Play in College Football History

Football is not a difficult game to understand. Two teams of 11 players line up to move an oval-shaped ball up and down a 100-yard field, with the goal of getting the ball over the other team's goal line. However, you still need to move the ball by ten-yard increments, or else the other team takes control of the ball. Not too difficult, considering you get four tries to gain those ten yards, right?

Well, hold onto your armchairs, Monday morning quarterbacks, because this one has to be a first.

A bad snap in the Mississippi State versus Louisiana Tech game in 2017 led to an 87-yard fumble for the Bulldogs. Already trailing by 43 points, LA Tech fumbled on their own 7-yard line as both teams failed to recover the football as it rolled all the way to the 7-yard line on the OTHER side of the field.

Don't believe us? We thought you might say that. So here's a clip of the play that you have to see to believe:

Louisiana Tech's 3rd-and-93

Needless to say that after a loss of 87 yards, the Bulldogs didn't convert on 3rd-and-93. I mean, if they did, that would be one of the most incredible moments in football history in a good way. But, those odds had to have been close to 1,000,000,000 to 1. Just a guess, but I doubt anyone took those odds. Honestly, with Mississippi State up 57-14, I doubt very many people even saw this play happen. But as the Internet has taught us, eyes are everywhere.

Tough night for Louisiana Tech? That's the understatement of the century right there.

I'd be willing to bet that's the longest third-down play in high school, college football and NFL history. When I was in high school, our football team once went for a 4th-and-24 in the second quarter of a game and I thought that was the most embarrassing moment in football history. Heck, I think it might have even got our head coach fired. But this? This takes the cake, the cupcake, tiramisu, the cannoli, everything. This is the worst.

At this point, what do you even say to your team during the film session of this game? How do you even turn the other cheek and say "let's win the next one?" After a moment like this, the entire team needs to take a long shower and then a long hard look in the mirror before even thinking about stepping on a football field again.

Jeez. Thoughts and prayers for Louisiana Tech.

This post was originally published on September 9, 2017, and it keeps getting worse every single year.

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