3rd-and-93: The Ugliest Play in College Football History
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This one had to be a first.

A bad snap in the Mississippi State versus Louisiana Tech game led to an 87-yard fumble for the Bulldogs. Already trailing by 43 points, LA Tech fumbled on their own 7-yard line as both teams failed to recover the football as it rolled all the way to the 7-yard line on the OTHER side of the field.

Here’s a clip of the play that you have to see to believe:

Louisiana Tech’s 3rd and 93

Needless to say that after a loss of 87 yards, the Bulldogs didn’t convert on 3rd-and-93.

Tough night for Louisiana Tech? That’s an understatement…

This post was originally published on September 9, 2017, and it keeps getting worse every single year.

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