ACC officials give UNC touchdown even after replay clearly shows otherwise

Simply stunning.

North Carolina was riding high after a nice win over Florida State a couple weeks ago, but got brought back down to earth against Virginia Tech with a 34-3 beating last week. Getting a win over another ranked team might get the season back on track and that's what the Tar Heels got with a 20-13 win over No. 16 Miami.

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However, one of UNC's two touchdowns should not have counted and it wasn't close. But since the ACC has some of the worst officials in college football, the Tar Heels were given a touchdown despite the fact that the receiver was still bobbling the ball and was out of bounds by the time he did gain possession of the ball. Here is the play in slow-motion for your viewing pleasure.

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Receiver Austin Proehl clearly did not gain possession of the football before he landed out of bounds and that should have been called an incomplete pass. It's simply stunning that the replay officials had better video than that and still missed the call, thus giving UNC a touchdown it never should have had.

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That would have likely resulted in a field goal and could have changed the complexion of the entire game and possibly led to a different outcome. There should be a suspension coming for these officials as the ACC has shown a propensity to do with egregious calls.