Jimbo Fisher unleashes incredible rant about officiating in the Clemson game

He is pissed!

Florida State fans were not happy about the 37-34 loss to Clemson on Saturday and coach Jimbo Fisher might have been the most upset. His team had a chance to put the game away up only two points when Dalvin Cook ripped off a huge run to get into field goal range late in the fourth quarter. However, the play was called back on a questionable chop block penalty and then that mistake was compounded by Fisher yelling at the officials and picking up a penalty himself.

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That led to this epic rant from Fisher about the officiating and you can imagine he's going to get a fine from the conference for this direct shot at the officiating:

He called the refs "gutless" and "cowardly" while also yelling about accountability. He made some good points and we might even see a reprimand for the officials from the ACC.