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Female QB Goes Viral for Making Sorority Girls Look Silly

If you've never heard of Michelle Roque, you are in for an absolute treat. In a sport dominated by muscular, 300-pound men, this female quarterback went viral for her ankle-breaking jukes and blender-like spin moves. All while sporting a ponytail.

As a member of the Delta Gamma sorority at Florida State University, Roque was the absolute superstar of the school's sorority flag football league. She has a whole highlight reel and everything. She even began making her own trick shot videos in Tallahassee.

The clip that propelled Ms. Roque to social media stardom, however, was one from the Beta Theta Pi flag football tournament in which she puts everyone she encounters on skates. How no one is able to pull her flag is nothing short of incredible.

Sorority Girl's Viral Football Moves

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Let's break down this entire clip.

Roque takes the snap and fake to her right, leaving the girl blitzing in the dust.

When she gets to the sideline and encounters three female defenders, she somehow weaves her way through them. A couple of them even end up in the dirt.

If that wasn't enough, she throws a nasty spin move on the final player who had a chance at ripping off her flag before trotting into the end zone for the touchdown.

Let's be honest here: If Michelle Roque were still tearing up the football fields in college, she'd be a better option than any current FSU passer on the roster. College football needs a star like her.

Women have progressively been playing football more and more. Sarah Fuller became the first girl to play in a Power 5 game when she served as the kicker for Vanderbilt. Women are all over high school football.

Roque probably could've done the same. Her mom didn't want her playing tackle football growing up, though. At least she can say she went viral.

"We can do whatever we set our mind to. There are no limitations for women in sports. If we continually tell ourselves we can't do something then soon enough we will believe it. I hope that my videos open up eyes and inspire others to do what makes them happy and to not let society tell you no. I hope my videos make it so 'throwing like a girl' is a compliment and prove that football is not just for men," Roque told

After her Internet fame, Roque decided to try out for the Team USA Women's Flag Football team. She made the team and competed in the IFAF World Flag Championships.

According to her Instagram bio, she's still playing in the American Flag Football League. Her LinkedIn says she started a new job with Centennial Management Corp in Miami, Florida.

Maybe the NFL should give this girl a call.

This post was originally published on November 30, 2020 but Roque's moves deserve endless attention.

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