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I Need to See The Rock and Miami's Badass Punter Workout Together

One of the most famous former Miami Hurricanes football players ever has made a connection with one of the newest and most popular prospects headed to Coral Gables, Florida next season. Incoming punter Louis Hedley and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have been tweeting at one another about a possible future meeting in South Beach.

After the Australian-born Hedley, the top-rated junior college punter in the 2019 recruiting class, mentioned The Rock as the reason he wears No. 94, the two were on social media and talking about working out together. The idea of the Hurricanes' punter working out with one of the most famous people in the world is extremely cool.

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"Thanks for rockin' my #94 [Louis Hedley]," Dwayne Johnson posted. "Look forward to that workout one day. In the meantime, welcome to the U, keep disrupting and always be the hardest worker in the (MF'n) room. #TheU #94"

For a punter, Hedley is jacked and has an awesome presence when including the fact he is covered in tattoos. And he will be wearing No. 94 on the field because that is the number Johnson wore while playing football for Miami from 1990-94 as a defensive lineman.

Since becoming a wrestler and action star, Johnson is known for being a huge man and is definitely a workout warrior an athlete could look up to. For Hedley to have an opportunity to get in the gym with the former WWE Champ is definitely something I want to see.

There are few people I would care to see working out, but The Rock is just so huge. Watching the intense workout he puts himself through would be cool. Add in Hedley, who is pretty big and in great shape himself,  and I want to see how well he could keep up with a guy so widely known for his strength.

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