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Mike Gundy was able to turn Tennessee's overtures into a big payday from Oklahoma State

Tennessee likely didn't intend to help Gundy out this way.

Mike Gundy almost became the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, but he turned down the Vols' offer and used their interest in him to net a pretty decent raise from Oklahoma State.

Not only is Gundy a pretty good football coach, but he's apparently a pretty good businessman as well.

The Tulsa World News is reporting that Gundy is receiving a pretty significant raise to his paycheck for next season. In fact, he'll make $5 million to coach football for OSU in 2018.

Here's Mark Cooper:

"Gundy, who made $4.2 million in 2017, was in line to make $4.325 million in 2018 under his current contract. Friday's addendum includes an increase of $675,000 to reach the $5 million mark.

The $5 million salary will take Gundy to the edge of the top 10 nationally. Ten coaches this season — including two in the Big 12 — made $5 million or more.

In addition, the buyout Gundy would owe Oklahoma State if he leaves before his contract expires was increased to $5 million from $3 million."

Tennessee likely didn't intend to help Gundy out this way, but by turning down the Volunteers' reported offer of six-years and $42 million to coach on Rocky Top, the long-time Oklahoma State coach actually earned himself some quick money.

Remember, it was just a few months ago that Gundy and OSU reached a five-year, $22.25 million contract that included an annual raise of over $100,000 and automatic rollovers. Basically, for as long as both he and OSU wants it, Gundy will always be on a five-year deal, basically guaranteeing the fact that he could stay at Oklahoma State for life if he so desires.

Gundy has been the head coach at Oklahoma State since the 2005 season. He's gone 113-53 overall and has led the Cowboys to multiple bowl game wins.