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Big Ten Uniforms: Where One Team Rips Everyone Else to Shreds

In this virtual tour of Power 5 uniforms in 2018, nobody can touch LSU in the SEC and don't mess with Texas in the Big 12, but what about in the Big Ten Conference this season?

Although one coach is in hot water and makes almost all of the headlines these days, football is coming. Even Urban Meyer cannot stop college fans from critiquing the jerseys, helmets, and cleats from the conference the Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to dominate this season.

Which school has the best uniforms? Is there a little controversy with the most classic? Why on earth does one team insist on having the ugliest uniforms in the land?

It's all right here.

The Classic: Penn State

Who knew white pants, plain navy jerseys with no names, and a white helmet with no logo would be one of the best, and certainly most recognizable, uniforms in all of college football? If you think these are boring, take a hike, because these are great, and it would be nearly impossible to think of the Nittany Lions in any other home uniforms besides these?

But what about Nebraska, which has more national titles, and has the classic double stripes with the famous "N" on the lid? Shouldn't that be in play here? Well, it is, but it's not going to top Penn State.

The Brand New: Minnesota

The Golden Gophers sure didn't waste any team releasing these, but then again, when you have some new uniforms look this good, why wait?

Released in February, Minnesota's new uniforms have over 100 possible combinations between the helmet, jersey, pants, socks, you name it.

The all whites are clean, and everyone can appreciate a clean uniform, but the matte helmets are great and the gold chrome ones are even better. Add in the strong accent colors on the collar of the jerseys, and these really are strong.

There's a lot to like here.

The Strange: Maryland

Well, well, what do we have here? WHAT ARE THOSE LIDS? WHY DO THE TERRAPINS KEEP WEARING THE UGLIEST UNIFORMS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL? Sorry for yelling, but there hasn't been a single instance since Maryland arrived in the Big Ten that its uniforms aren't the strangest in the league.

The Worst: Rutgers


Rutgers is already a pretty odd fit in the Big Ten from a geographical standpoint, and they have traded in the Ferrari for a Honda Civic in regards to uniforms. Switching from the cool chrome helmets of Nike to the dull ones from adidas sure make it awkward now.

Why awkward? Because the Scarlet Knights seem like they are trying to look exactly like Nebraska.

And with a nickname like that, there could be a lot of great things to do on the helmet instead of that plain "R" that sits on there now.

The Best: Michigan

With a helmet as iconic as it unique, Michigan seals the deal here for the lid alone. The history is enough to make it stand alone, but it's also one of the most creative ones in the country.

Throw in the Jordan Brand touch to these, and it's hard to beat. Not all might like the Jumpman logo on football jerseys, the Wolverines, or both,  but try to deny these not being legit.

Sorry Buckeyes, Let's Go Blue takes it here, and it probably isn't close.

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