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Don't Mess with the Big 12 When it Comes to the Best Uniforms


If you are searching for the most eclectic uniforms in college football, look no further than the Big 12 Conference. Sure, the SEC has its own fire, but the 10-team league is about as iconic and random as it gets.

Oklahoma is the overwhelming favorite to win the conference yet again, but do the Sooners have the best uniforms? Is there a dark horse out there which could take the league and the best jerseys?

Here is a look at the best and worst uniforms in the Big 12 heading into the 2018 season:

The Classic: Kansas State


Some fans call these the 1989 throwbacks. Others just call them plain boring. But never dare call the Wildcats unrecognizable. Ever since Bill Snyder, the oldest active coach in the Football Bowl Subdivision who, at 79, just signed a five-year extension, started pacing the sidelines in Manhattan, K-State has been rocking essentially the same uniforms. Take a little time to watch just how amazing the turnaround the Wildcats have had under Snyder, but also notice the uniforms are pretty much the exact same color-wise through the years. There once was a camouflage Powercat on the helmet, yet that's about the only change anyone has seen. These are classic in every way.

The Brand New: Oklahoma

The color schemes haven't gone anywhere, but there is a new logo for the Sooners. Thanks to NBA All-Star forward Blake Griffin, and his massive child support bill, Oklahoma has exchanged the Nike swoosh for the Jumpman logo.

And goodness, these custom Jordan 11s are out of control.

These haven't even seen the field yet and they are high on the list of the best uniforms in all of college football.


The Strange: West Virginia

Honestly, this could go to a number of teams. Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and TCU all have some quirky things about their uniforms at times, but this award belongs to West Virginia. Not only are the Mountaineers kind of out on an island in the Big 12, the 30 different combinations using the same three colors is just... excessive. The white helmet, gold jersey, and blue pants might be the most out there.

The Worst: Kansas

When you are arguably the worst team in major college football and haven't won a road game in nine years, there is no way you look intimidating to anyone. Add in an obnoxiously large logo to the helmet, and you have the Jayhawks sitting at the bottom of the league in more ways than one. KU is riding the struggle bus as a program and having the worst uniforms in the Big 12 is just adding insult to injury.

The Best: Texas

The home orange jerseys are iconic. The all-white road uniforms might be the cleanest in the entire country. Don't mess with Texas here because these are always legit. It truly would be tough to find better uniforms. Even if you don't like the burnt orange, it's hard to deny the fact they are unique and certainly stand out.

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