Clay Travis names the most overrated coach in college football

Is he even right here?

The Michigan Wolverines suffered a brutal home loss on Saturday night and it came at the expense of in-state rival Michigan State. Despite nearly winning after losing the turnover battle 5-0 (yes, 5-0) to the Spartans, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has been under fire since the game clock went to 0:00 and, now, a controversial voice in the industry has weighed in.

Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage named Harbaugh the "most overrated coach in college football" and had this to say after negatively comparing him to the likes of Washington's Chris Petersen, Florida State's Jimbo Fisher and Penn State's James Franklin.

Putting Jim Harbaugh in the same category with these coaches right now is, frankly, absurd.
Harbaugh has gotten a ton of attention for his off field shenanigans, but he has hasn't won anything and his failure to find a decent quarterback in three years is entirely his own fault, given the fact that he came to Michigan with the reputation of an offensive guru.
Harbaugh is now 5-4 in his last nine games with the Wolverines. Nick Saban has lost four games in his past four seasons and Urban has only lost four games in his past three seasons.
Right now Jim Harbaugh is the fourth best coach in his own division. Maybe that changes in year four, but in his third year at Michigan Harbaugh is the most overrated coach in college football.
Travis's assertion concerning Harbaugh's quarterback development is a laughable one, especially given the work he did with Jake Rudock (in one transfer season) and a three-star prospect in Wilton Speight. Still, Travis isn't the only one that shares the opinion that Harbaugh is overrated, even amid the reality that Brady Hoke did not exactly leave the cupboard overflowing in Ann Arbor upon his exit.
In two-plus seasons at Michigan, Harbaugh has a 24-7 record and, in the three seasons before he got to Ann Arbor, the Wolverines finished 20-18. That is a pretty stark turnaround but, when you seek the attention nationally in the way that Harbaugh has in the past, the trolls are quick to turn and losing at home to a rival (in ugly fashion) is a perfect spot for it.