Paul Finebaum has a damning statement on Jim Harbaugh after yet another Michigan loss in a rivalry game

Finebaum sounds pretty confident here.

Jim Harbaugh is considered one of the best coaches in college football, but he actually has a pretty bad record when it comes to beating Michigan rivals. He's now 1-4 after a devastating 14-10 loss to Michigan State and that has Paul Finebaum thinking he could end up back in the NFL.

The SEC Network analyst was on SportsCenter Sunday morning to not only take his shot at Harbaugh's coaching with the Wolverines, but to also speculate on where he might end up in the near future away from Ann Arbor. Here's his quote via 247Sports:

"First of all, he has to develop an offensive philosophy that's going to work in this league.But what happens now? Where does Jim Harbaugh go for these big wins? Next year, he's down to his fourth year.

"No one's running Harbaugh off since he's one of the the three or four best coaches in the country, but I think he will implode at the frustration of not winning these games and start listening to NFL offers."

There will always be rumors of Harbaugh wanting to go back to the NFL, but they haven't been considered serious since he is at his alma mater and he can control what players he coaches as a recruiter. However, it sounds like Finebaum believes that those rumors could become a little more if these rivalry losses keep mounting.

[h/t The Spun]