Brendan Hall lines up a kick.
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This 6-Foot-9 Kicker Has to Be the Tallest in College Football History

Brendan Hall may be as tall as LeBron James, but he's scoring a different type of field goals for Montana State.

Size, speed and athleticism matter greatly to becoming a successful college football player, but being a 6-foot-9 kicker is something we certainly didn't expect to see during this 2023 season.

Playing for Montana State in the Big Sky Conference is Brendan Hall, who indeed stands as tall as NBA superstar LeBron James. That's up there with former college football players such as Zach Banner (6-foot-9, USC) and Dan Skipper (6-foot-10, Arkansas) for some of the tallest college football players of all time.

Considering the 6-foot-6 Neil O'Donoghue is considered the tallest kicker in NFL history, our theory about Hall being in a class of his own is likely true.

In addition to his 6-foot-9 height, Hall is also 232 pounds. He's an imposing human being who should probably be shooting threes in college basketball instead of kicking threes in college football, but here we are.

Not only is he the placekicker for the team, but he also punts, too. This season, he's had four punts, with the longest at 48 yards. He didn't attempt a field goal in Week 1 but tried three in Week 2 and made all of them.

Montana State played South Dakota State in Week 2, and his longest field goal was just 27 yards. The other ones went for 19 and 24 yards. Unfortunately, Montana State lost to South Dakota State 20-16, but Hall was responsible for nine points.

Last season, as a freshman, he kicked for SMU but mainly as their punter. Now, he gets to take on both roles.

The Springtown, Texas, native was the No. 11 kicker prospect in the country during the 2020 recruiting class, according to On3, and he committed to SMU on July 30, 2020.

Now 1-1, Montana State will take on Stetson on Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. ET, and Hall looks to remain perfect on the year with field goals and extra-point attempts.

If you've ever heard of a taller kicker in college football, we'd love to know about him. Until then, Hall takes the cake.

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