Paul Finebaum believes one college coach's days are "getting shorter" at school

Will he be right in the end?

Paul Finebaum believes Brian Kelly's days are numbered at Notre Dame.

"In the end, Brian Kelly is just a jerk, he's not a great football coach, and as I mentioned, his days are getting shorter at Notre Dame," Finebaum said during an appearance on SportsCenter.

Kelly had an awkward interaction with a reporter on Saturday following the Fighting Irish's 20-19 loss to Georgia at home on Saturday during his postgame press conference.

The reporter attempted to ask Kelly about preventing his loss from "snowballing" into a losing streak, as was the case last season when the Fighting Irish suffered consecutive losses three times and finished with a 4-8 overall record.

Here's video footage of the altercation:

"A legitimate reporter asks a good question about an obvious subject," Finebaum said of the incident. "All Brian Kelly has to do is be respectful. Instead, he became old Brian Kelly, the one he said he wasn't going to be. The one that he promised that would change with a new college football season."

Kelly currently holds a 60-32 record during seven seasons as Notre Dame's head coach, which includes a BCS National Championship Game appearance in 2012. However, the Fighting Irish have been consistently worse since then, having only earned double-digit victories during one of the past five seasons and finishing 2016 with a 4-8 record.