Cameron MacGruder (Week 1)

The Perfect College Football Fan Reactions From Opening Weekend


Just like that, in the blink of an eye, it was over. All of the hype and anticipation surrounding the opening weekend of college football is officially in the books. The great games, amazing performances and even the duds means it's time to get serious about the rest of the season.

Well, maybe not that serious. This is just the beginning of a long season and there is plenty to watch, bicker and complain about over the next few months. And in case you missed any of the action from some of the nation's best teams, Cameron Magruder, known as @ScooterMagruder on social media, summed up college football fans perfectly in less than two minutes of pure comedy.

MacGruder has made some hilarious videos in the past, most notably about NBA free agency, and this one definitely has a few classic moments to highlight as well.


Here are the 10 of the best quotes from the video, which perfectly sum up the attitude about shocked Florida fans, entitled UCF fans, angry UCLA fans, confident Oklahoma fans, optimistic Notre Dame fans, confused Michigan fans, taunting LSU fans, bitter Florida State fans, outraged Miami Fans, and, well, Alabama fans.

"This is the first time Felipe Franks has ever looked good." -- Florida Gators

"If they call us Central Florida ONE MORE TIME..." -- UCF Knights



"FAU thought they had a chance. That's cute." -- Oklahoma Sooners

"This is our year, baby." -- Notre Dame Fighting Irish

"I thought Shea Patterson was supposed to be good." -- Michigan Wolverines



"I don't miss Jimbo, I miss an offense that scores." -- Florida State Seminoles

"If we false start ONE MORE TIME..." -- Miami Hurricanes

"Just don't ask Nick Saban about the quarterbacks. Roll Tide." -- Alabama Crimson Tide

Man, those were gold and yet there were still plenty of gems in that video that weren't highlighted. This was so spot on and now the college football world has something to look forward to even after the games are over.


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