Diego Pavia throws a pass.
Screenshot from Twitter

New Mexico State QB Throws Pass Despite Helmet Completely Backwards

New Mexico State QB Diego Pavia threw a pass without being able to see. It was a good thing there was a flag on the play.

The 2023-24 college football season is in full swing, and in Week 0, we saw some jaw-dropping plays — both good and bad — with one featuring New Mexico State Aggies quarterback Diego Pavia.

At home against UMass, the Aggies lost 41-30, but they won the most exciting play of the day.

Pavia completed 15 of 26 passes for 248 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions, but one of his 26 passes was something to see.

As you can see from the clip above, Pavia (No. 10) stepped up into the pocket on a third-down play before getting corralled by defensive player Marcus Bradley (No. 1). However, Bradley got a bit too handsy, which included him spinning Pavia's helmet around to the point where the quarterback couldn't see. Thankfully, Pavia had the instinct to throw the ball out of bounds. A photographer caught it.

And, yes, the play was ruled a face mask penalty.

Fortunately, Pavia wasn't injured in the play — but that had to be quite a moment in his football career.

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