Former LSU starter Brandon Harris won’t rule out a transfer to in-conference schools

Former LSU QB Brandon Harris could play in the SEC next fall.

Former LSU quarterback Brandon Harris has yet to decide where he will play next season as a graduate transfer, and he could end up back in the SEC.

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Harris was asked about which schools he's been in contact with during an interview with 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge, and while he didn't identify any specific schools, he did say he had talked to some SEC programs.

"Yeah, I've talked to a couple schools in the SEC, about different opportunities," Harris said. "Obviously, these are bridge situations where you are going in because they don't have a quarterback that is necessarily ready to play.

"They may be in a situation where they just lost a senior, and they got two freshmen that are not necessarily ready to play or could be a situation where they don't feel they have a quarterback on the roster. But I have talked to a couple SEC schools."

As far as what schools Harris was referring to, the two that fit the criteria he mentioned are Texas A&M and Florida. The Aggies just lost senior Trevor Knight, and they will likely rely on a freshman or an inexperienced QB to start in the fall.

Florida lost senior Austin Appleby, and junior Luke Del Rio had shoulder surgery in the offseason and might not be ready for practice. Harris could potentially start next season at either school, and both schools play LSU in the fall.

Harris threw for 2,756 yards and 20 touchdowns in three seasons at LSU.

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