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Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson reunite at LA-Tech (LA Tech Athletics). Robertson was joining Bradshaw in the Louisiana Hall of Fame.

5 Fun Facts About Conference USA

Conference USA: You know your conference, but do you really know your conference? These five fun facts about the C-USA will have you either reminiscing or keeping you on your toes. Make sure to keep up with all things Conference USA at

#1 - Jacksonville State University: Led London Parade Celebrating The Late Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.

In 2012, Jacksonville State University's Marching Southerners band was invited to lead the parade that celebrated the late Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, honoring her 60th year on the throne.

The Marching Southerners have also marched in the World Peace Day Parade that is located in the Vatican in 2019 and were blessed by His Holiness Pope Francis. That blessing likely was the catalyst for their exciting invitation to perform in Normandy, France, in 2024 to observe the 80th anniversary of D-Day.


#2 - Florida International University: Campus Utilized For Movie, Television Shows, And Music Video Filming

Florida International University is a popular location for filming various forms of media. Every other millennial girl will remember the heart palpitations they had when they watched Chris Brown's 2007 "Kiss Kiss" music video too. Yep, that was FIU.

Love Burn Notice, Miami Vice, or the Telemundo Pecados Ajenos? They have been filmed on campus. Other shows like MTV's Campus Invasion Tour and What Not to Wear also had one-time shows filmed at FIU.

The university also hosted the 2014 Miss University Pageant in their arena in 2015.

#3 - Louisiana Tech University: Notable Alumni Quarterbacks

Any other Terry Bradshaw fans out there? The 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the most skilled and entertaining teams in pro football history. Every player was unbelievably talented, but they were also larger-than-life personalities, and Bradshaw was one of those key characters of the era.

Not everyone knows that Bradshaw is a native Louisiana, born in Shreveport. He remained in the Pelican State for college at Louisiana Tech.

Who else is a famous LA Tech alumni? Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty. His slight frame could have fooled me, but his behavior does suggest he may have taken a few footballs to the head back in the day.

Conference USA

Terry Bradshaw (No. 12) playing in his final college game at the 1969 Grantland Rice Bowl (LA Tech Athletics).

Robertson was the starting QB, and Bradshaw was the second string back in the day. Phil's heart wasn't in the game, though, and he told Terry: "I'm going for the ducks, you can go for the bucks." He would be distracted on the field by the birds flying over the field, frustrating his coach to no end.

Phil Robertson was a bit of a hoot on campus too. He would pick ducks in his bath tub, hang his deer from the doorway between his living room and bedroom, and skin and clean out the deer on his kitchen table. A table he shared with his wife and oldest son. Robertson was spoken to by the "Dean of Men" about the blood on the sidewalk outside of his apartment because it's "just not real scholarly" and was off-putting during campus tours.

#4 - Liberty University: Distance Learning Program

Although not the earliest distance learning program in the U.S., Liberty was one of the first to teach via VCRs in 1985. These programs date back to the 1800s, but at that point they were just books and written materials. Liberty offered something special by providing material for more visual and audio learners.

Conference USA

An instructional photo on how to put a VCR tape into the VCR (Allan Hazle/YouTube).

#5 - Sam Houston: A... Body Farm

Fellow true crime fanatics, read this, and if you don't feel a little queasy after, tweet us and let us know your secret.

Sam Houston has one of the six body farms in the US.

We won't go too much into detail, but bodies that are donated to science are buried in the ground in cages (to avoid being a wild animal's meal). The way humans decompose is the primary focus of the research. This can be used to benefit medical science and forensic science.

Conference USA

Law enforcement training at a University body farm (Steven Bridges/University of Tennessee).

There are 50 people in the ground right now, and they're all Sam Houston football fans. Around 200 people are currently slated to donate their bodies to this unique science.