FCS poll vote
Harvard had another big win this week against Howard (PHOTO CREDIT: Harvard Athletics)

FCS Poll Vote After Week 7: One Month Out, Top of Order Solidifies

Each week, we will break down the FCS national poll vote by FanBuzz CFB writer Brian McLaughlin, an annual participant in the poll of note — the STATS-Perform national poll. This year, this poll will be used as part of the criteria that select the FCS teams for the postseason.

When it comes to last week's ballot, the only massive change this week was when North Dakota State fell to North Dakota. Anybody see that coming? I didn't. I admit, I didn't see the South Dakota loss for NDSU coming either, earlier this year.

North Dakota and South Dakota are proving they don't need that bonus word — "State" — at the end of their school names to be nationally relevant. Trust me, both are massively relevant through seven weeks. Relevant to the point that they'd have zero problems with 95 percent of the national competition at their level. The other question is this: Mid-seed range (at least on my ballot) Sacramento State and Furman didn't exactly blow away their non-ranked competition — but, they both got it done. That's tricky, but for now, they hold firm.

Will wins by small margins be held against Sac. State and Furman? I mean, Coach Prime's Colorado couldn't beat Stanford, but FCS Sacramento State with nearly 25 fewer scholarships DID beat Stanford? We'll just drop that right there and let the readers decide. Also, clearly, South Dakota State and Montana State — the no-brainer top two — are at the pinnacle, but who else is? We shall see in the next month.

We will have more commentary when we release the FCS playoff picture on Monday morning, and we'll break it down even more in-depth.

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FCS poll vote

Delaware has continued to post good results (PHOTO CREDIT: UD Athletics)


EDITOR'S NOTE: Folks, remember — an FBS loss or a D-2 win may not have an effect on an FCS team's position in the postseason picture. The playoff committee leaves that up to the individual panel member.

NOTE: FanBuzz national Group of Five college football editor Brian McLaughlin has had a vote in the STATS-Perform FCS National Poll and end-of-year awards since 2016.

(*) - Has a FBS win

1 SDSU 6-0 6-0
2 Montana St 5-1 5-1
3 Sac St (*) 5-1 4-1
4 Furman 5-1 5-0
5 West Carolina 5-1 5-0
6 South Dakota 5-1 5-0
7 North Dakota 4-2 4-1
8 Delaware 5-1 5-0
9 Harvard 5-0 5-0
10 NDSU 4-2 4-2
11 Montana 6-1 4-1
12 Idaho (*) 5-2 4-1
13 Wm & Mary 4-2 4-1
14 UIW 5-1 4-0
15 Holy Cross 4-2 4-1
16 UT Martin 5-1 5-0
17 Youngstown 3-3 3-2
18 SIU (*) 5-1 4-1
19 N.C. Cent 5-1 4-0
20 Austin Peay 4-2 4-1
21 Chattanooga 5-2 5-2
22 Villanova 5-2 5-1
23 UC Davis 4-3 4-2
24 Cent. Ark. 5-2 4-1
25 East Ky 3-3 3-1
East. Wash 2-4 2-3
Weber St. 3-4 2-3
UNI 3-3 3-3
Albany 4-3 4-1
Tennessee St. 4-2 4-1
FAMU 5-1 4-0
New Hamp 3-3 3-2
Illinois St. 4-2 4-2
Fordham (*) 5-2 4-2
Richmond 4-3 4-2


(*) FCS FOOTBALL: What is it?