Temple Owls
The Temple Owls huddle before a game (Zamani Feelings/Temple Athletics).

Temple Football 2023 Preview: Will They Fly to Bowl Eligibility?

Will the Temple Owls be bowl eligible in 2023? Is their schedule going to make things hard or easy? Check out FanBuzz to find out.

The Temple Owls have experienced instability in recent years. There has been a bit of quarterback roulette along with a revolving door of six head coaches in seven seasons. Head coach Stan Drayton has been retained for a second year, bringing much-needed continuity and structure.

Stan Drayton Defies the Odds

Drayton has defied the pattern by being invited back for the second year in a row. He has been coaching since 1993, bringing both wisdom and experience to the team — a wise Owl, you might say. This is likely why Temple decided to bring him back in 2023, despite a 3-9 record in 2022. That is also Drayton's overall win-loss record, considering this is his first gig as a head coach; however, program progression obviously was noticed.

Danny Langsdorf will return for his second year as offensive coordinator. D.J. Elliot decided to take his coaching skills to the NFL, leaving a slot open for the highly experienced Everett Withers to become defensive coordinator.

Temple's Surprise Standout

The Owls have secured the Kurt Warner's son, E.J. The young quarterback is returning for his second season and first full season as the starter. He inherited his dad's passion for football and a rock-solid work ethic.

E.J. Warner

E.J. Warner in action. (Zamani Feelings/Temple Athletics)

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In his partial rookie season, Warner proved himself when he broke the school record for 527 yards in the final game of the regular season against East Carolina. He also had the second-most passing yards in school history, with a season total of 3,028. He is only 19 years old.

Toughest Game In 2023

There are several tough games in Temple's future, but only one can be the toughest. Their game against the University of Texas at San Antonio on Oct. 7 will be that game. The UTSA Roadrunners will give the AAC all they have in their first year in the conference, and they have a lot.

Predictions for the Temple Owls in 2023?

The Temple Owls will benefit from Drayton's leadership and Warner's talents in 2023. Most of their out-of-conference games look like easy wins, sans Rutgers. However, last year, Temple almost secured a win against Rutgers, losing only by 2 points. The Scarlet Knights may fall to the sword.

Temple Owl

Head coach Stan Drayton is Temple TUFF for the second year. (Zamani Feelings/Temple Athletics)

Inside the league, things are looking a bit more challenging. The Owls were able to defeat the University of South Florida last year, and they will play the rebuilding Bulls again, on Nov. 11. That is likely a win for Temple. Some other conference games could easily go in the Owls' favor. However, having Southern Methodist University and UTSA on the calendar would make any fan base in the AAC nervous.

Do the Owls have any secrets in their hidden temple? Will they be able to top their 2022 record of 3-9? We think so. We are going to predict a 5-7 overall record for 2023, with a 2-6 record in conference play. A tough schedule will slow their upward trajectory just a bit.

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