Brett Gabbert
Miami-Ohio QB Brett Gabbert isn't the only brother in his family to play D-I football (PHOTO CREDIT: Miami-Ohio Athletics)

Blaine Gabbert's Brother Is A Starting College Quarterback

They are a happy group of talented brothers led by parents Chuck and Beverly Gabbert. Their three sons — Blaine, Tyler, and Brett — are all special young men who are good at what they do and advocate for helping others on and off the field.

They want to focus on playing the sport they love — which is football — while making the world a better place in real life.

The Brothers

The oldest son, 33-year-old Blaine, has lived out his dream of being an NFL quarterback. Even though he did not develop into a franchise quarterback in Jacksonville, he has found other stops, including recently being signed to the Kansas City Chiefs as the backup quarterback to Patrick Mahomes.

But his roots go back to when the now-NFL journeyman was a star quarterback at Missouri, where he was brilliant enough to end up being a first-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Now-former UCF quarterback Tyler Gabbert hands the ball to a running back. (Photo credit: UCF Athletics)

Middle child Tyler, 31, tried to follow the path of his big bro back in 2009 when he first committed to Nebraska. After that, he de-committed from there and joined Blaine in Missouri. After spending one year as Blaine's backup, the two took different paths.

Blaine got drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars; and Tyler, who was supposed to be the next big star at Missouri, decided to transfer to the University of Central Florida. This was back in May 2011, so there was no portal he could enter; and back then, transfers didn't get immediate eligibility.

Still, this never fazed the middle Gabbert son, as now he is a territory sales manager for Salvin Dental Specialties Inc., a position he's held since January 2023. While Tyler has failed many times during his football career, he has always been able to overcome adversity. He has been able to start up a few companies, and he turned those failures into successful sales income.

And last but not least, the youngest son Brett, 23, is currently the starting quarterback for the Miami (Ohio) RedHawks, who represent the Mid-American Conference in NCAA Division I college football. He is trying to achieve his own NFL legacy and become only the second quarterback to be drafted out of this university since Ben Roethlisberger in 2004.

Brett almost felt like transferring from Miami, as he entered the transfer portal like most players do these days. He felt that success at Miami might become a stepping stone to Power Five offers and maybe earn him a better chance to become a first-round NFL pick.

But he chose to make the best decision for himself and, as a result, he withdrew his name from the portal and returned to Miami (Ohio) for this season.

Citizen Hero's

Back on December 30, 2022, Blaine and his two brothers, Tyler and Brett were known as "Citizen's Hero's".  The three were out jet skiing in Tampa, Florida when they found a helicopter with a pilot and three passengers in it that crashed in the water. They suddenly called 911.

Blaine, who has said that he has spent several years of his life around the water, saw what he thought were yellow life jackets in the water and went to see what was going on.  He found three family members in the water and directed the family of Wesley (62), Lisa (59), and Hunter Hupp (33) on how to inflate their life jackets.

The pilot, (Rafael Ciriaco) was able to attach himself to Gabbert's jet ski and held on as he was brought over to the Tampa Marine patrol unit boat.

Luckily everyone was safe and sound, and the family didn't even know who the Gabbert brothers were.

But within 30 to 45 minutes after the rescue, Gabbert received a text from Bucs GM Jason Licht, asking, "Did you some people from a helicopter crash?' Licht asked.


Overall, these brothers may be different from each other, but they were all raised on one thing: perseverance. It's easy these days to quit when the going gets tough or to ask your parents for help before trying yourself. But in the Gabbert family, you try things yourself before asking for extra guidance, or you keep making attempts until you've achieved success.

It may get tough at times, but the Gabberts' already know with the support of their family how to handle adversity.