Tulane turned it around at the Cotton Bowl last season (American Athletic Conference).

Tulane Football Preview: Will Green Wave Remain AAC Champions?

Tulane dominated the AAC in 2022. It won the AAC Championship, got double-digit wins for the first time since 1998, won against Southern Cal in the Cotton Bowl (with a large comeback), and won the record for the biggest turnaround in FBS history — all in one year. Will the Green Wave do it again in 2023? Can they do it again in 2023?

The Wisest Coach Of Them All

Willie Fritz is going on his eighth year as head coach for Tulane, making him the longest-tenured head coach in the AAC. That's why Fritz is able to keep his team from going on the fritz. Tulane's head career began in 1982, and he has an overall record of 197-114 at the college level.

The talented coach has been known to turn things around at other schools, flipping frowns upside down at basically every institution he touches. That's the Willie Fritz magic.


Willie Fritz fielding questions at a weekly press conference (Tulane University Athletics).

Fritz' has basically an entirely new coaching staff under him this year. He has a new offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, and he managed to snag his special teams coach from the NFL. Between Fritz and Tulane President Michael Fitts, they are transforming Tulane from all angles.

The Portal Wins

A lot of talent is streaming in from the portal. Shedro Louis from Liberty has a proven track record of success as a running back. OT Cameron Wire is joining from LSU, helping to create one of the strongest front lines in recent memory. Tyler Grubbs from Louisiana Tech will provide some much-needed stability at the linebacker position, and Louisiana (Lafayette) transfer Kam Pedescleaux will provide similar support for the defensive backs.

Predictions With A 100% Accuracy Rate (Allegedly)

Your author is a Tulane graduate, and it is hard to focus on anything but the positive, especially when there are so many coming off of last season. Tulane has the skills and talent necessary to roll their wave to the AAC championship again. The trouble is that they don't have the bodies.


Michael Pratt is a hop, skip, and jump from being AAC's top QB (Tulane Athletics).

Tulane lost a devastating number of players on both sides of the bowl this year, and it's hard to come back from that. Don't get us wrong; anything is possible with Fritz, but this certainly doesn't make his job any easier. These losses will be felt most strongly in the WR, TE, and LB positions.

With this in mind, what will the record be? The good news is that the two teams the Green Wave lost to last year aren't on the schedule this year. They also don't have to play SMU and are up against some of the teams that struggle a bit more in the conference.

The not-so-good news? They have two-time defending Conference USA champion UTSA to contend with in the AAC now. It's likely the most difficult game of the season. The Green Wave also has Memphis in the conference to contend with. In their out-of-conference games, they are dueling it out with South Alabama and Mississippi State, which are no easy wins.


The Tulane Green Wave strikes fear into their opponents (Parker Waters/Tulane News).

A likely estimate is 10-4 overall, with 6-2 in the conference. Prove us wrong, Tulane. Make sure to catch all your Green Wave football news at fanbuzz.com.