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Dak Prescott Once Got Brutally Hit Over the Head with a Bottle

Back in 2015, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith received a lot of press for getting sucker punched by a former teammate. As bad as that was, this was brutal.

On a spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, then-Mississippi State star quarterback Dak Prescott and fellow teammates quarterback Damien Williams and defensive lineman Torrey Dale were reportedly jumped at a Waka Flocka Flame concert.

You can hear a glass bottle break — presumably over Prescott's head — and then you can see Prescott get kicked in the head before trying to stumble away.

Dak Prescott Jumped on Spring Break Trip

The next three posts, courtesy of @dominics on Twitter, which are lower quality, show the majority of the incident, including how it began.

These photos show the damage done to Prescott, who was not planning on pressing charges, and the police had made no arrests in the alleged assault.

Initial reports were that all three are fine, but Prescott looks like he's got some nasty cuts and, with all that stumbling, appeared to have sustained a head injury.

Later, Prescott went on Twitter to assure fans he was okay.

The group that jumped Prescott and his teammates took to Twitter to brag about the fight, including posting a picture (which was later deleted).

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This post was originally published on August 20, 2015. 

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