EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN - OCTOBER 21: Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines speaks to media during the post game press conference after a college football game against the Michigan State Spartans at Spartan Stadium on October 21, 2023 in East Lansing, Michigan. The Michigan Wolverines won the game 49-0.
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Jim Harbaugh Formally Invited to Sideline by Another College Football Coach

A college football head coach and good friend of Jim Harbaugh's has invited him to the sideline for his team's final two games.

When Charlotte 49ers head football coach Biff Poggi isn't dazzling viewers with his ultimate "football guy" look, donning a ripped sleeveless shirt and a pair of shorts, he's usually out there dropping some extremely blunt, memorable quotes.

There have also been plenty of instances where Poggi hasn't exactly shied away from the keyboard when it comes to firing off some shots on social media. However, this latest gem from Poggi falls into the category of blatantly stirring the pot, as he has invited suspended Michigan football coach, Jim Harbaugh, to join him on the sidelines for Charlotte's final two games of the season.

At first glance, this might come across to casual college football fans as a coach looking to go viral and garner some attention to their program. But, as Poggi noted in extending the open invitation for Harbaugh to join him on the sidelines — "It would be my honor to stand next to you again as we did for three years" — there is an existing friendship there.

So this was really just Poggi's unconventional, disruptive way of showing support for his buddy, who he coached with at Michigan as both an analyst and as an associate head coach. And also probably his way of ruffling the feathers of the widely adored NCAA.

But really, is there a more fitting duo? Take one look at good ole Biff's aforementioned coaching attire and then remember that Jim Harbaugh is a man who chooses to wear cleats for every game and is routinely seen intensely throwing the football in pregame warmups as if he's still Michigan's starting quarterback.

Now, would Harbaugh actually follow and through and do this? It would be super odd in all sorts of ways, especially since Harbaugh is still allowed to travel with his football team and plans to do just that. While the level of trolling would be the likes of which we have probably never seen — and definitely comes across as something an animal like Harbaugh would get a kick out of — there's far too much on the line for Michigan as it stands already.

Though after having said all of that, there's very little doubt Harbaugh was sporting a devilish, Grinch-like smile upon hearing about the news of Biff Poggi's open invitation. And, hey, who knows. It's highly possible Jimmy gave a call to his buddy Biff to lend a few tips for Charlotte, who head into this Saturday's game against Rice with a lowly 3-7 record.

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