Mark Richt asking Mike Norvell to beat Florida's ass.
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Mark Richt to Mike Norvell: "Will You Do Me a Favor and Kick the Gators’ Ass?"

Grudges never truly die for college football coaches. Even after they've retired, there's always that one play, one call, or one team that keeps them up at night.

For Mark Richt, that team is none other than the Florida Gators. It's only natural seeing as Richt coached at Georgia and Miami, two of UF's biggest rivals. So, when the former college football coach who now works as an analyst on the ACC Network asked his buddy Mike Norvell for a favor after Florida State's win over Syracuse this past Saturday, it should be no surprise it involved his old nemesis.

Richt Asks Norvell to Beat Florida

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The ACC crew and Norvell were chopping it up when Richt turned to Norvell:

"I know you guys don't play them this week, but I know who you play at the end of the season," Richt said. "Can you do me a favor and kick the Gators' ass? Will you just do me that favor?"

The question got a laugh from everyone on set, and Norvell signaled he understood the request with a fist bump.

Richt prefaced by briefly laying out his playing and coaching career at Miami, Florida State and Georgia - coincidentally all rivals of Florida. His delivery is proof his disdain for the Gators hasn't diminished in the slightest.

Norvell, in near perfect coachspeak, responded by playing up his team's game against Louisiana this week. However, he reiterated the significance behind the annual in-state matchup that caps each regular season.

"We've got one more before that, but I can promise you, everything we do in that Miami game, and that game at the end of the season, every practice, every rep, it all builds to that," Norvell said.

The Seminoles haven't beat the Gators since 2017. That being said, they'll enter the game as winners of three of their last four at the least, and they'll have the rambunctious crowd of Doak Campbell Stadium behind them.

We know who Mark Richt will be rooting for.

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