FOX Sports’ Doug Gottlieb apparently isn’t on board with Chip Kelly’s decision making.

Kelly is reportedly choosing between the open jobs at Florida and UCLA, and Gottlieb not only thinks that Kelly should take the Florida job and run with it, but he went as far to say that UCLA is “one of the worst jobs in college football.”

“UCLA is one of the worst jobs in college football, it’s one of the most overrated jobs in college football,” Gottlieb said specifically on UCLA, citing a mixture of the high expectations at the school with rigorous academics, competition with USC, and the location of the Rose Bowl as factors bringing down the program.

While those are challenges at UCLA, Gottlieb seems to be overstating this situation by calling it one of the worst jobs in college football. Yes, UCLA does have to compete locally with USC for recruits, but California is — spoiler alert! — a big state with a lot of football talent. As maligned as Jim Mora was prior to his firing, he did get talent, as all of his recruiting classes between 2013 and 2017 finished in the Top 20 in the recruiting rankings at 247Sports. That includes Mora bringing in six five-star recruits over the past three recruiting classes alone.

Is it probably still easier to recruit at Florida? Sure! But Gottlieb is giving off the vibe that UCLA is a recruiting blackhole with an awful game experience, all while facing high expectations from the administration. That last part is certainly true, but recruiting apparently isn’t too hard for UCLA if Mora and his assistants were having that level of success at the school.

Does UCLA have some disadvantages compared to Florida? Sure. One of the worst jobs in college football? No, not even close.

FOX Sports analyst on open head coaching position: “One of the worst jobs in college football” SFY/Twitter
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