John Cena SNL Skit, Alabama
Screenshot from YouTube: Saturday Night Live

John Cena Mocks Alabama's Academics in Hilarious SNL Skit


John Cena isn't just an iconic pro wrestler with WWE. He's taken his talents to the big screen with several movie roles, as well as making appearances on television. Usually he plays an action star, but his funny side is well-documented, and he showed that off on NBC's Saturday Night Live back in 2016.

He took part in a skit that took a shot at the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the intelligence of some of their student-athletes. The Alabama football player said he would voluntarily skip the big bowl game against Washington if he didn't get an A+ on his science presentation. The other two students presenting their findings had the topics of "quantum entanglement in paired particles" and "ionization in the gas phase" while Cena's character, Ray, gave a presentation on bananas.

Ray's findings on his favorite yellow snack gets funnier every single time.

John Cena's SNL Skit on Alabama Football


The professors judging -- Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant and Kenan Thompson -- clearly favored Ray and gave him an A+ despite him attaching an orange to his "banana board" and not knowing the outside of the banana was called the peel.

The whole skit was clearly a shot at college football athletes getting special treatment, but Cena gave everyone a few good laughs out of it.

This article was originally published December 11, 2016, but who couldn't use a good laugh during coronavirus quarantine?

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