In 1982, Ronnie Rogers wrote “Dixieland Delight,” which soared to No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list after the band Alabama released it on their album “The Closer You Get…” in January 1983. When the University of Alabama began playing that song during the fourth quarter of Crimson Tide football games, it became an instant Southern classic and crowd favorite.

That is, until Alabama students created some, well, let’s call them “colorful” lyrics to make the song their own. In 2015, Dixieland Delight was removed from the game day experience and hadn’t returned to Bryant-Denny Stadium for several years. In 2018, the wait finally ended, and the hit song is got a second chance.

Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne, joined by Terry Saban, the wife of the school’s iconic head coach, preseason All-American running back Damien Harris, and the university’s student body president Price McGiffert, announced that the college football game day tradition would finally be returning.

The song would come back for good as long as Alabama students, already in hot water from Nick Saban for not showing up, didn’t impose the old lyrics laced with profanity.

Dixieland Delight: Alabama Football Lyrics

The Alabama student section whipped up some lyrics of their own in the past, which led to the song being banned. Those added lyrics are bolded below:

Spend my dollar, “ON BEER” parked in a holler,
‘Neath the mountain moonlight. “ROLL TIDE”
Hold her up tight, “AGAINST THE WALL”
Make a little lovin’, “ALL NIGHT”
A little turtle dovin’ On a Mason-Dixon night. “F*** AUBURN”
Fits my life, “LSU” oh so right, “AND TENNESSEE TOO”
My Dixieland Delight.

While they’re meant in good fun, older Tide fans weren’t too keen on hearing them ring out during home games in Tuscaloosa like they did at the 2014 Iron Bowl, a game where No. 1 Alabama knocked off No. 15 Auburn, 55-44.


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Dixieland Delight came back in a big way, and current and former Alabama players were excited for the tradition to return to the South, as long as #DixielandDelightDoneRight wasn’t replaced with the profane lyrics.

The Alabama Crimson Tide hosted the Missouri Tigers for a Saturday night game, and when those first few chords rang out, you better believe all attention turned towards the Alabama fans in anticipation for what they belted out.


Break out your Alabama band shirts because “Dixieland Delight” is here to stay.

UPDATE (Sept. 24, 2019): Well, despite warnings that the iconic song would not be played if Alabama students kept singing the old lyrics, that hasn’t stopped them from letting the ad-libs fly in 2019.

During Alabama’s home game against Southern Miss, the PA system cut out early while Dixieland Delight played. When that happened and play resumed, students continued singing with nothing to drown out a big, fat “F*** AUBURN” chant.

Thankfully, the sparse crowd still in attendance to see Alabama’s 49-7 drubbing of the Golden Eagles were able to laugh off the harmless fun.


UPDATE (Dec. 2, 2019): After knocking off fifth-ranked Alabama, 48-45, in the 84th Iron Bowl, Auburn football fans trolled the Crimson Tide’s favorite tradition by adding their own “War Eagle!” twist.

Fans stormed the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium and sang Dixieland Delight as they celebrated the iconic rivalry game victory.

Auburn Fans Sing Dixieland Delight

This article was originally published on October 11, 2018. It’s been updated as Dixieland Delight’s legacy in Alabama continues to grow.

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