Alabama Crimson Tide sophomore Mekhi Brown might have some explaining to do following Monday night’s National Championship game.

In a moment that appears to show the talent losing his cool, he seemingly punched a member of the Georgia Bulldogs, and then was not ejected for any of the tomfoolery.

During this portion of the game, everything was getting out of control. Alabama had its backup quarterback already inserted, who managed to make the game close, and a slew of other neat things were happening.

Mekhi Brown, for those wondering, was a four-star prospect out of the 2015 recruiting class. He had previously redshirted.

Oddly enough, before the game, Brown was on record stating that the Crimson Tide would be used to this sort of atmosphere.

“We’re used to it,” Brown said of the big-game atmosphere. “We try to take every game the same. We don’t make one game bigger than any other game.”

Guess he can’t — or, really, shouldn’t — use the “moment” as an excuse, eh?

He also seemed rather confident heading into Monday night.

“It’s going to feel good beating Georgia,” Brown said. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

That is a whole lot of confidence for a guy relegated to special teams play.

Alabama player throws a punch, loses his cool and somehow wasn’t ejected bbornstein33/Clippit
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