TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA - OCTOBER 21: ead coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide looks on against the Tennessee Volunteers during the fourth quarter at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 21, 2023 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
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Nick Saban Offers Least Surprising Explanation for His Bloodshot Eye

Nick Saban's bloodshot eye has been officially diagnosed for the most predictable reason ever.

When Alabama head football coach Nick Saban took the podium on Wednesday following practice, his right eye appeared completely bloodshot.

It was certainly noticeable enough to warrant a question or two:

It was so bad that coach Saban decided to meet with the team doctor to figure out just what in the world might be going on with his eye. Here's the exchange Saban described between he and the doctor, according to Charlie Potter of BamaOnline:

Now just imagine Nick Saban sitting there with the Alabama team doctor going through the list of possibilities for having a bloodshot eye — things like coughing a lot — only to learn it's a symptom of yelling too much. One has to think it was some of the easiest work the Alabama team doctor has ever had to put in during his time at the school.

Then on Thursday, Saban took the comedy route, something he's gotten pretty good at over the years. In particular, when it comes to the self-deprecating brand of humor.

"It looks like I've been in a gang fight and my gang didn't show," he reportedly said during his weekly "Hey Coach" radio show.

With the official diagnosis firmly in place, one has to wonder why one or both of Saban's eyes haven't appeared bloodshot for the better part of the last 25 years. Because, as we all know a little too well, yelling has more or less become a natural bodily function for the often heated Nick Saban.

Speaking of yelling, with some serious preparations in the works for LSU in what should be a tremendous Saturday night showdown in Tuscaloosa, we can probably assume the yelling hasn't quite come to a halt just yet. But we can absolutely fully expect his "gang" to show up come kickoff time.

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