Nick Saban responds after getting caught chewing out one of his assistants… again ESPN/Screenshot
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In news you didn’t see coming, Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban claims he’s not a man who often yells at his assistant coaches. Thing is, this comes right after, you know, he was caught yelling at an assistant coach.

Let’s first discuss the well-documented yelling by bringing to light his most recent antics. Ahead by 18 points in the fourth quarter in Alabama’s playoff game against Clemson, Saban laid into offensive coordinator Brian Daboll after the Tigers forced a fourth down with 7:15 remaining in the game.

This isn’t anything new for Saban, who made a habit out of, as he put it, “ass-chewing” former offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin during his tenure at Alabama for questionable playcalls, even when they occurred while the Tide held large leads.

Point being, in a not so roundabout way, is that Saban very much appears to be a man who yells at assistant coaches.

However, if you ask Saban the day before a national title game…

“I don’t yell at my assistants very much at all, I don’t think,” said Saban. “But there are occasions where you get upset with, whether it’s a circumstance in the game or a situation in the game, or maybe you did something that’s sort of out of the plan, and you get a little upset about it.”

Not “very much at all”, eh?

Lane Kiffin will probably disagree.

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