Nick Saban fires back after criticism from former Alabama quarterbacks

"You can't make everybody happy."

It appears that Alabama head coach Nick Saban wasn't too thrilled with the criticism he received recently from a couple of his former quarterbacks.

Former quarterbacks Cooper Bateman and Blake Barnett, both of whom since transferred away from the program, had things to say recently about how things were communicated in the program after both quarterbacks were passed over by Jalen Hurts.

In an interview with ESPN on Thursday, Saban responded saying that he thought things were properly communicated and that both quarterbacks were given a fair chance to win the starting job.

"I tried to do the best job that I could to tell them exactly how we were going to play the quarterbacks and the opportunity that they had," Saban said.


"We try to give everybody a fair chance, you know, to win the position," Saban said. "I feel like it's my job to do a good job of making the best choice and decision for our team. And one of the most difficult things is sometimes that's not what everybody else would like for it to be. You can't make everybody happy. Everybody wants to play; I have a tremendous amount of respect for those guys as competitors."

Saban also wished both quarterbacks luck at their new destinations. Bateman is now at Utah, while Barnett — who actually started the opening game against USC last year — is now at Arizona State.

As of now, Jalen Hurts is still the Alabama starting quarterback, with five-star true freshman Tua Tagavailoa solifying himself as the backup.